Work Days in a Year


September 17, 2018

Work Days in a Year


We live in a world of comfort. So Work Days in a Year is the bad days for us. Whatever task we have we try to find the optimal ways of doing them which require the bare minimum amount of energy and time. Some may call that lazy but I call it being smart. We don’t have the time or the temperament to traverse the long and arduous roads of everyday tasks. Doing dishes by hand is bothersome and tiring so we get a dishwasher, washing by hand is inconvenient so we get a laundry machine, walking to our destination is tiresome and inefficient so we catch a cab, whatever the task we have convenient solutions. So why bother with using multiple applications? Why do we have to go to eBay for shopping, Facebook or Instagram for social networking, to 4chan for triggering people and getting triggered in return to YouTube for watching videos? Why isn’t there a simple and convenient solution that doesn’t require my fragile hands from having to swipe down and swipe up just to go from watching that terrible 2 year old meme my mom found out and posted on Facebook to listen to my friend’s awful taste in music and torture myself for a good 3 minutes on Sound cloud. Well, fortunately, there is and it is called the 2KXO.

The 2KXO is both a playground for the socially engaged as well as a hub for selling and buying an almost endless variety of various goods and services. You name it and 2KXO has it. You no longer have to go to Facebook for posting an update about your social life and then forced to switch to YouTube to watch a video your friend linked you in messenger. You didn’t ask to have to go to a completely different app and just imagine the horror if you didn’t have YouTube installed and to make matters worse you’d have to waste those precious megabytes of data just to become able to watch that preposterous video. With 2KXO these menial worries are a thing of the past. You have a platform with all your social and media needs all in one place. You have a dashboard where you can post all the pictures you want or go on rants about a bad product you recently came across. Have other people join the fray and have them give their input and share your posts. And let’s not forget about 2KXO’s seemingly endless library of songs and videos. Unlike the many other applications, 2KXO has no restriction on contents by area. It doesn’t matter if you live on the North Pole or in deserts of Ghana as long as you have a working internet connection and the 2KXO you can stream anything you want whenever you want and for an unlimited amount of time all through a single application.

The cherry on top of 2KXO is its selling and purchasing capabilities. Want a convenient way to buy that Samsonite bag you were looking for or to sell that canvass sitting in your room. 2KXO provides you with an easy dashboard where you can showcase your items and meet buyers and sellers alike.

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