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October 20, 2018

Recently I was trying to sell my old laptop, an HP Envy 15. It had been a good 2 years since I bought it for a big money and I figured my relationship with old faithful had run its course and that it deserved a new home, someplace where it was needed a lot more than it was by me. As soon as I made the decision to, I started looking for places to sell it and people to sell it to. To increase the chances of old faithful finding a new place to belong to I naturally set up advertisements for him near my local vendors as well as online on multiple sites and even on my social media. Considering that old faithful wasn’t that outdated and the price I asked for him was reasonable I was surprised that even after 2 weeks no one had contacted me regarding the poor guy. At first, I decided to wait and then another week went by. Eventually I decided to get to the bottom of this, I went to my local vendors to discover that the ads I put on had been taken off (for the wise guys who will tell me that they got torn off because I didn’t have permission to paste them by a local vendor’s shop, I got his approval before I put the ads on). Then I decided to go to the online sites that I put my laptops advertisement on only to realize that it was drowned in a sea of other various goods. No wonder no one saw my ad, they were too busy being distracted by the plethora of inferior product to realize the merits of old faithful. I had all but given up by this point, disappointed by all the sites that promised to help me meet buyers, I wondered if old faithful would find himself in a box stored away in the attic, unloved and unused until I came across 2KXO.

For all you wondering what 2KXO is, you need to understand it is a lifesaver, for both me and especially old faithful. 2KXO changed my social networking preference forever. Not only did it help me to find a buyer within a week of putting my ad up but it had me gripped with all the numerous features it offered. Not only does this application provide a platform for social networking, streaming videos, and music, it also provides you with a marketplace suited to all your consumer and vending needs. I found out that the success of their buying and selling strategy revolved around two ideas. One they provide relevant ads to users, meaning my laptop was advertised to the people who were either categorized as tech geeks or people who were generally looking for laptops and secondly the added functionality of boosting your advertisement. Using this feature, I was able to prioritize my ad making sure it was visible to the vast community over the site and greatly increasing the chances of making money with a sale. For anyone looking for a convenient and foolproof way of making money by selling or buying, 2KXO is definitely the application for you.



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