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October 20, 2018

Tired of spending those long nights being less productive? Tired of listening to the same old songs, looking at those same old colors bleakly spread over the same old huge dull canvasses? Do you feel like you should have more to do, more to see, more to hear and more to talk about? Do you feel like being connected? Well, your dull Saturday nights are going to get a lot more entertaining, from here on out you won’t have to feel the haplessness of wanting to do more. You can surround yourself with the vibrant colors, sounds and people you deserve to be around. How? Well, the answer is quite simple, the 2KXO.

Now you might be wondering what this strangely named thing has anything to do with sating the desire of making those uneventful weekend nights a tad bit more eventful. Well among the various capabilities of 2KXO is the ability to provide you with a platform to express yourself and to build relationships with like-minded people. And how do you figure out that you and the myriad people drifting on the jolly waves of the 2KXO match in your wavelengths? Well, what better way than art. At 2KXO it is understood that people want to express themselves and a lot of us do that using the many forms of art be it music, be it photography or even video logs, you deserve to have the freedom to understand and be understood by people who think like you and who can truly appreciate your magnum opuses. To facilitate this 2KXO possesses a vast library that you can indefinitely use to upload and stream an unlimited amount of photos, podcast videos and music absolutely free. You don’t have to worry about the site taking down any of your uploads, once you’ve taken the courage to put your pieces of art up, 2KXO will make sure it stays up for the many other people, just like you, to have the opportunity to appreciate you. Users aren’t just limited to liking or commenting on your uploads they even have the freedom to share them with their own audience and that is just the tip of the iceberg. 2KXO believes in rewarding effort and content creators are financially supported for their valiant efforts even when another user does something as simple as a like.

Now, 2KXO doesn’t just end at uploading and streaming content. To truly get to know one another 2KXO comes with the added functionality of an easy messenger. Whether you want to converse with another person strictly for business or you wish to make that special someone’s cold evenings a little bit warmer, 2KXO provides you with the tools to. With easy messenger, you can conveniently socialize with your entire network securely. All your chats are encrypted and you will hardly have to worry about your privacy. Instantly check your messages on your dashboard and spend those gloomy Saturday nights with another gloomy human being. We make no guarantee but chances are you’ll be smiling and laughing well into the morning.

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