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September 17, 2018



By now we’ve all become well settled into the age of technology. Children today learn more about the internet and about social networking before they learn algebra. Our digital identities float around the weave of the world wide web, interacting with one another both actively and passively. People meet, people drift away, people work, people advertise, people sell, people
buy, people perform their ecological niche all on the internet and the means are provided to us through a variety of different applications like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, eBay and even 4chan (for the more radical human specimen of course). All these applications provide us with doorways to slightly different worlds, these worlds can serve as escapes or even serve as the domain of business depending on how we want to tread on them. Many applications have deeply integrated themselves into our everyday lives that we can’t imagine a time before them. But this beckons a question, have we exhausted the potential of these portals to the online world.
Do the existing applications provide us with all that we want from them? The answer is obviously ‘NOT’. We will always want something more, something better than the last thing. The landing on the moon would not have been possible if we were content with riding our Datsuns on the road, we wouldn’t have the Airbus A380 if the Wright Brothers were content with running their bicycle workshop. Similarly, the drive to better the potential of the online
world has brought us, after 8 years of hard work, 2KXO. 2KXO was originally drafted in 2008 and its existence was brought to public knowledge
through demos in 2014. The beta for this application came out in 2016 and finally, it was released last Christmas.

2KXO is a revolutionary social networking app which is ideal for you the intellectual who wants to quench his or her general control needs. 2KXO aims to bring together an online community of people who brainstorm innovative ideas and who can share their profound
thoughts on a variety of different subjects. 2KXO understands peoples need for interdependence and interconnectivity in order to create an online world of capable individuals. 2KXO leverages e-commerce and provides a unique platform for social marketing. 2KXO embraces change instead of resisting it. Due to the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and due to an increased rate of marketplace sellers and sellers, the world is quickly moving towards becoming a decentralized global community. 2KXO takes the bold step in promoting this decentralized community by introducing integrated payment systems. 2KXO strives to be the optimal platform for innovative minds to profit, showcase and discover all in one place. It is a social and interactive hub for people to communicate and discuss their ideas. This app has the potential to completely change the landscape of the mobile



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