Open Marketplace

One of the most exciting features of 2KXO is the open marketplace. This marketplace is secure, convenient, and global. You can purchase whatever product or service you want, whatever time you want it, to and from whichever location you want it delivered, 2KXO is the 1st platform ever to have you covered with – International Free Shipping!

The 2KXO open marketplace is protected by highly-secured security monitoring features that make every transaction conducted on our platform safe. Sellers are verified, the items on sale confirmed, and the payments tracked and kept secure whether locally or across the globe; such that the buyer is protected from various scams. Additionally, all items are subject to user reviews after purchase.

2KXO is well on the way to becoming one of the largest digital platforms. We provide all creatives a place to professionally organize media, merchandise, and services in one highly magnetizing application. Not only do we offer users unlimited streaming and shopping, but users may also set up automated advertisement campaigns quickly and easily with a click of a button “Boost”, which on average, doubles your sales.


  • 1.

    All transactions are highly secure and monitored, our users are safe to proceed with any transaction inline our best practice guidelines

  • 2.

    The 2KXO marketplace is a large community; made up of sellers, buyers, and promoters

  • 3.

    Promoted items and services sellout faster leveraging the Boost system

  • 4.

    There is an equal chance given to every seller to generate demand for their services, particularly outside the scope of their independent marketing campaigns

  • 5.

    The Boost feature can significantly enhance sales across all categories especially listings with higher pricing and quantity counts

  • 6.

    Buyers can communicate directly with sellers in negotiations, product requests, and dispute arbitration

  • 7.

    There is the increased potential to surge your online popularity and therefore increase your sales, leveraging well-written posts descriptions and captivating content

  • 8.

    Using 2KXO’s multimedia interface and encrypted messenger stay in tune with the wants and needs of your buyer or seller while offering dependable customer service online.

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