October 20, 2018

Marketing trends have changed a lot from what they used to be a decade or so ago. Today every new business, individual, or startup knows to multitask and online advertising is a must if they want to truly reach and connect with their target audience. Apart from that, online marketing has also proven to be the most effective method for presenting existing products and services to the market or even launching new ones.

Online marketing isn’t the future anymore, it is the present. Creators, brands, and organizations alike understand the importance of multitask and selling stories and not just pushing their product, or services on to the audience. So, the whole process of gaining new audiences and traction for what you’re trying to sell is an elaborate process spread across multiple web platforms and services. It involves the target audience being brought into the sales funnel on one platform, and then leading them on to the next with links and stories. The final stages of the process again require the audience being channeled to another platform where they can make the purchase and make payment.

The point here is that there is a problem that exists which is stopping and separating great creators and their even greater creations from reaching the people.


The Problem

The problem with the current state of affairs in the world of marketing is that use web services are spread across multiple platforms. Even the smallest companies can manage to dedicate people solely to the area of marketing so that they can manage every stage of their marketing and lead generation processes across the multiple platforms. However, there are individuals just as capable of creating and presenting great content, products, and services that cannot do so due to a lack of resources.

Existing creators and aspiring ones have this great initial barrier to overcome before they start getting even the smallest amount of return for their hard work. And that barrier is huge. The struggles faced by aspiring creators before their first breakthrough only get tougher every day. To define it simply, they have to work tirelessly and relentlessly for a very long time before their work starts getting the right audience and then resulting in small amounts of revenue.

The Solution

The above-mentioned problems are just a few of those that are making it increasingly hard for aspiring creatives to be successful today. A good solution to these problems would be a single multitask platform that cannot only suffice for but also enable and provide for all the web services that are necessary for such people today.


In this current state of things in the world of online marketing and digital innovation comes the game-changer. 2KXO is a private network for musicians, photographers, and more, where they can interact and share their creations with the world. It is a social networking application, releasing very soon, that will bring together an online community of people who can share their ideas, creations, and much more.

What 2KXO does differently is that it provides a single multitask platform where creatives, aspiring (as well as existing and successful ones),  can harness the potential of the application to the advantage of both themselves and their audiences. It leverages e-commerce to provide users with a reliable platform for social marketing. With 2KXO, you can professionally organize all your media, merchandise, and services in one place. However, it doesn’t stop here.

Not only can creatives effectively showcase their products, services, or content, they can market it and generate revenue at the same time and increase user acquisition as well. Payment Gateway and integrations for several digital currencies, as well local bank transfers and instant deposits, allows the thinkers of today to profit, market, and showcase, all on a single platform. With possibilities like these, it easily makes 2KXO the hottest social destination, and will soon be available in the form of a highly magnetizing application. Share your photos, media, and audio, post live streams directly to your profile page, or buy and sell goods directly on your global profile, not only does 2KXO let you do all that, it also takes the utmost care that your information is never published and remains 100% private.




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