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Live in the moment and capture memories to share across the world while you stream unlimited music and video. With 2KXO you can stream any length of multimedia without limitations. Send and receive messages, share content and get paid. Earn reward bonuses on paid likes for posting your content. The more you generate views and engagements on your content, the more cash you earn and is credited to your payment account. Watch unlimited videos, stream music, listen to podcasts, or post a selfie. Take the center stage or watch from the best seat, the way you like it, free! Free of cost, free of ads and free of limits.

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Unlimited Multimedia

Our AD-Free streaming service is set up, so you can stream unlimited music and videos without paying any monthly subscription fees whats so ever. For users who love live-action, we’ve also added a full-featured live streaming service where you can stream in groups and get paid in realtime.

It gets even better, you can share posts with contacts, leave comments and support them with a simple like which doubles as a financial tip to the content creator for their magnificent work. Activities on posts will continuously generate bonus cash for the content creator, as part of the 2KXO content reward system.

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  • 1.

    Stream unlimited multimedia to your heart’s content. With 2KXO you can watch, upload and stream without limits

  • 2.

    You benefit from ALL content you post on 2KXO – unlike other services you’ll earn bonus cash for every engagement on your posts, from likes to comments and views

  • 3.

    2KXO has a highly intuitive, easy to use interface

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    You can establish vital audiences across several mediums from one platform

  • 5.

    Bonus cash can be withdrawn into local currencies; making 2KXO a great source of passive income for creatives anywhere in the world

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