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October 20, 2018

As an aspiring content creator, you might be aware of some of the most popular content creators today that make money in millions of dollars a year. Their level of success is by no means a standard by which you should go about since over time YouTube has made it even harder to become a successful content creator. Today when starting on Youtube, there’s a long way you’ll have to go before your hard work starts resulting in the smallest amount of revenue.

And while YouTube does eventually pay you for your hard and original content, the story isn’t the same for every social media platform. Hence, there are several problems facing a content creator today that are stopping them from making that first video, first live stream, or blog post.

Why Making a Successful Career on YouTube Just Became Even Harder

That’s right. If you too like many others were thinking about becoming a creator and starting your own YouTube channel to make a successful career out of it then this news will hit you hard. Countless researches made into the matter all point in a disappointing and dark direction for aspiring as well as existing content creators on YouTube.

One study finds that 96.5% of YouTubers don’t earn enough to even cross the poverty line. Other studies show that creators only made $0.0006 per stream and had made only $1,472 after hitting 2.2 million video views. This year the amount per stream has increased to become a meager $0.00074. Although that is a slight improvement from last year, the company’s recent update to its monetization policy and eligibility criteria isn’t giving us high hopes for what to expect for content creators in the future. In fact, new studies show that the company’s recent updates to its monetization policy will only make matters worse for aspiring creators as well as existing ones.

With regards to the state of things for creators on YouTube currently Alice Marwick, Assistant Professor of Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill stated:

“If you’re a series regular on a network TV show, you’re getting a good amount of money.  Yet you can have half a million followers on YouTube and still be working at Starbucks.”

In January, YouTube changed its monetization eligibility requirements.  To make money from uploaded videos, content creators will need at least 1,000 subscribers or 4,000 hours of total watch time.

If we come to other types of content apart from videos and streaming to blogging, we see that with bloggers there is also a pattern where at first, they need to post valuable content for a long time before they can generate a following and viewership big enough that can start paying a little. This is especially so with content marketing today where creators have to push out a significant amount of good quality content first before they can expect a return from their audience.

How 2KXO is Changing Things

2KXO is a first of its kind private social networking application for creatives that want the most out of their efforts and hard work. The application is focused on two things, which are showcase and discovery. Showcase your content, products, and services as well as discover the same from other users on the platform with 2KXO. Apart from being completely ad-free, offering strict privacy rules and values, 2KXO also provides a single platform for users or creators to create, post, display, market, and sell, for make money all in one place.

2KXO attempts to solve the problem of content creators not getting paid enough or at all for their hard work and valuable efforts with its ‘paid likes’ feature. The platform does not include the option of empty likes where you can just tap a button and move on. Instead, every like on your live stream on 2KXO will actually be a small tip from a viewer that is appreciative of your work and content.

Content creators that successfully build up an audience for their content often resort to donations for their earnings. So, with the system of every like being a tip to your favorite content creator, audiences will willingly support good content and hard work with rewards for the content creators. But apart from getting tips from other users, the platform itself will pay creators per stream as well.



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