Free Advertising Credits

Free Advertising Credits

Without Free Advertising Credits, you post an item for sale, you expect someone to buy it. In a perfect world, this is how every transaction should happen, but in the real world, you might have your post up for sale weeks or even months before anyone decides to buy. With Free Advertising Credits all products or services you Boost on 2KXO get shown to interested buyers who are already looking for products or services like the one you are selling.

To qualify just complete a minimum of 30 successful transactions! Free Advertising Credits automatically applies to new users who transfer an existing store with a qualifying sales record to 2KXO. At 2KXO we pride ourselves on how much we can help you our sellers sell and our buyers find what they are looking for. We don’t live in a perfect world, but no worries your friendly multitask assistant is here to help! Join us and let’s find out what 2KXO can do for you.


  • 1.

    Post it and forget it; all products and services you offer will be displayed to interested buyers from anywhere in the world you choose

  • 2.

    Sell a whole lot more of your high quantity items, or those hard to sell items that are collecting dust stored away waiting to be sold

  • 3.

    Qualify instantly by merging or transferring your items from eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Poshmark, Mercari or any existing marketplace

  • 4.

    We handle everything for you even the shipping part just ask about our global fulfillment service

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