Encrypted Messenger

Encrypted Messenger

The 2KXO multimedia messenger is used for sending and receiving instant messages over the 2KXO network. Whether for business or pleasure, users may send and receive instant messages directly from the 2KXO Encrypted Messenger. Users can easily socialize, meet new people, and forge exciting relationships with other users in a secure and encrypted manner.


  • Access the 2KXO encrypted messenger from the web, Apple or Google Play stores.
  • Users may instant message, search for existing contacts or invite followers from other networks.
  • For your convenience, contacts may be suggested based on your affiliations and interests.
  • Once contacts are made, or contact requests accepted, users can begin private communication, share video, music, photos or shop.
Encrypted Messenger hero


  • 1.

    Send and receive urgent messages

  • 2.

    Secure and private communication for a better peace of mind

  • 3.

    Express yourself using smileys, emoticons, and graphics

  • 4.

    Negotiate prices and followup with marketplace sellers

  • 5.

    Shoot your shot and break the ice with a special gift message

  • 6.

    Follow up with or thank your best customers, fans or followers

  • 7.

    Authenticate any user before completing a transaction in the marketplace

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