Digital Payments System

Digital Payments System

2KXO houses a built-in digital payments system for donating and requesting funds. Shop our marketplace using certified payment merchants such as PayPal, Mastercard, Visa just to name a few. We continue to make strides in the processing of digital disbursements . Including strides made in payment flexibility, transaction monitoring and comprehensive end to end security.

All payment merchants listed above may be linked to your Connect account and used for purchases, invoicing or donations throughout the 2KXO network. Get a instantly notified when payments hit your wallet with zero fees taken out and we will never charge you a fee for sending or receiving payments. Send payment requests to anyone in the world, set a deadline and look out for the payment notification to confirm you’ve been paid succesfully.

Your Connect payments account provides a unified digital interface for all payments this reduces unnecessary breaks in transactions flows. Connect was made so you can easily yet securely withdraw your funds to your local bank instantly. Our digital payements systems was made with you in mind because we believe payements should be fun!


  • 1.

    Consolidate your payments; eliminate your transaction fees and monthly charges with our payments system

  • 2.

    Seamless payment processes, and simple user interface made with you in mind because payments should be more enjoyable

  • 3.

    2KXO provides a digital payments system optimized for marketplace transactions and donations. Keep track of all your transactions

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    2KXO houses the safest and most convenient payment system with built-in dispute automation. We help our sellers eliminate costly chargebacks.

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    Automated transaction monitoring and manual reviews fortify network security so you can rest assured our marketplace is secured

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