Cryptocurrency and Block Chain


October 20, 2018

Cryptocurrency and the decentralized community it has given birth to, has been around a good while now. Bitcoin has introduced about 9 years ago and today almost everyone knows a little about the fame and popularity it has gathered. This has inadvertently given a lot of attention to the blockchain which has allowed people especially writers of smart contracts like Etherium to make use of the surge to capitalize on the decentralized, independent and permission-less ledgers. Completely changing the fundamental way we can interact and do business. What this means is we are no longer tied to isolated and privatized information systems; business processes have become streamlined with reduced risks and perhaps the most obvious change, curtailing the need for the middleman. However, even though such an innovation has been introduced and even though it brings with it an almost infinite amount of potential not many people have been keen to adopt cryptography and its many many uses. Perhaps they are skeptical of change and fear the disruption they could cause in the market but at the end of the day, that is how progress is made.

Today a lot of application even social media applications allow users to buy and sell products and services, some applications like eBay are completely devoted to this deed however these applications have shown hesitancy to adopt the raw potential of cryptocurrency. It was only after long hours of surfing through the internet that I discovered a diamond in the rough, an application that was not only bold enough to adopt cryptocurrencies as a method to commit transactions but also so unique in the ways it offered all its users a multitude of features; a true hub for the social marketing era.

Some of you might’ve caught on after all this has been in the working for almost 9 years, but for those that haven’t, yes I’m talking about 2KXO. The 2KXO is an ingenious social marketing application which has taken the innovative step of providing you a horde of features that you would generally find in different applications all on one platform. From this one application, you can post an infinite amount of content online including blogs, rants, photos and carry out all the remaining functions of any generic social media application as well as the ability to stream an unlimited amount of songs and videos from 2KXO’s vast media library.  But what makes 2KXO truly special is its online marketplace. Where anyone from famous brands to a kid wanting to sell his Xbox can post their products online for the community to browse. But this isn’t about the social networking aspects of the application, this is about their willingness to use cryptocurrency. Yes, on the 2KXO you can buy and sell your products in exchange for cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum. 2KXO’s marketplace has no boundaries hence you can get to making your transactions from anywhere in the world. Use your cryptocurrencies to empower your business needs and realize the true potential that cryptocurrencies offer on your own via the one and only 2KXO.



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