Content Creator

Content Creator


We are looking for a motivated content creator that’s magical with words and can help us grow our revolutionary platform by putting us right in the faces of our desired audience in style. 2KXO is a creative platform, so we require the services of a prolific and talented content creator to write and produce various types of downloadable content that mirror our passion regularly to expand our digital footprint, awareness, subscribers, and customers.


This role requires a high level of creativity, attention to detail, and project management skills. The role of our superstar content creator would be occupied by someone who doesn’t need 24/7 supervision because they’re disciplined enough to work well independently. They will also need to possess an amazing time management skill and can collaborate with coworkers and executives alike.
We are a brand that connects with the new generation, exploring the newest technology in the industry. He or she also needs to be a self-taught learner who is willing to read and keep up-to-date on technological changes and how they could be applied to their work.


Create content such as email templates, advertising copies, blogs, and graphics.
Participate in planning and strategizing for an inbound marketing campaign
Content creation and content scheduling for press and social media
Learn and use custom inbound marketing software
Develop benchmarks and goals for each campaign and ensure they are reached
Participate in client meetings
Generate new ideas and find opportunities to ensure user retention.

What We Offer

Access to all tools needed to be successful
Access to our partner events (parties, sports events, concerts, festivals, etc.)
Rewards – Exceptional content creators have the opportunity to be promoted to the next level which unlocks greater benefits
Flexible working times and fun environment to harness your creativity
Be an important part of a revolutionary team.


Drop us a message and your resume to [email protected]