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We created Boost Advertising so you can spend more time doing what you love while we handle all the hard work targeting, curating, and optimizing ads for you. We only show your work to relevant audiences already interested in the content, products and services we promote for you. All you have to do is click “Boost”, and sit back, watch your campaign Skyrocket!


Boost advertising gives you the ability to easily promote your work to the world with just a single click of a button. Our A.I. automatically stacks the most effective advertising campaigns to maximize your success. We Geo-Target traffic from countries you ship to, service or created content for. We drive only relevant visitors interested in the products you are selling or the content you are promoting. Boost guarantees highly interested people will be shown your work.  Boost is more than a no-brainer. You receive professional copywriting, targeting and distribution as a service included in every Boost Advertising Campaign. Moreover, if you need help choosing your niche or finding the best products to sell, we connect you with our experts who will guide you through the entire process. All consultations are free so we can help you get started quickly and more profitably out the gate!

  • 1.

    Start making more money with just one click of a button

  • 2.

    Increase your daily traffic 24/7 even while you sleep using BOOST

  • 3.

    Boosted items and services sellout quickly and content goes viral faster

  • 4.

    There is an equal chance given to every user to generate demand for their work, no matter how many followers you currently have

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    Boost significantly enhances your sales and engagement across all categories

  • 6.

    Dominate your industry using BOOST to increase your market share as you engage new and untapped markets

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    Our algorithm was designed to push relevant traffic or users already interested in your content directed to your post

  • 8.

    Using our encrypted messenger stay in tune with feedback and requests while offering dependable customer support to your clients

How To Boost

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    To sign up (click here) or download the app via Apple App or Google Play store

  • 2.

    Select any media, product, or service posted on your account then select “BOOST”

  • 3.

    The post must be detailed properly and depicted clearly for the  Advertising campaign to be approved

  • 4.

    Choose a valid payment method, let us know if an agent helped you by using the “Agent” drop-down menu

  • 5.

    A confirmation report will be sent both at the start and upon completion of your campaign

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