Come Sail Away


September 17, 2018

Ahoy there landlubbers,

we’ve made port freshly from the vast sea of the internet and do we have a story for you. I’m sure you’ve heard about the great land of Facebook or legends about the Isle of Instagram or even the lores of Ol’ Orkut but this tale is of a vastly different land. Land located in the uncharted shores of digital marketplaces bordered by the reefs of social networking, surrounded by the decentralized global community, tis’ a tale of 2KXO.

I’m sure you must’ve sailed the seas of the internet long enough to be known as a seasoned Captain yourself and yet the name of 2KXO might sound completely alien to you almost as if the word was beckoned from Davy Jones locker itself. Aye, Davy Jones would be lucky if he could even get close to something as grand as this. 2KXO is a land apart, a land for sailors like you who want to become part of a community of the intellectually engaged.

What I mean to say is 2KXO is a disruptive application which aims to take social networking by storm. It provides a balance between business and pleasure for its users, providing them a platform to conduct everyday transactions from selling and showcasing products to idling around with your online friends talking about the trivialities of life or how that one Versace handbag would look stunning with your jumpsuit from Zara.

2KXO’s unique approach to tackling the social market is to provide a networking hub for today’s decentralized community where anyone can buy or sell their products. Almost everyone knows about cryptocurrencies or at least about bitcoin, what cryptocurrencies have done is that they have decentralized the marketplace allowing people to carry out transactions without the need of a middleman, however not everyone has been bold enough to accept the migration from the traditional isolated and privatized information systems to the decentralized, independent and permissionless ledgers. 2KXO accomplishes this by providing an online marketplace system with multiple payment options including Credit and Debit cards Paypal as well as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Connect is the flag bearing payment system in 2KXO, using Connect you can easily donate and request funds from all over the world, with Connect you no longer have to worry about the eligible currencies, Connect works as a contemporary financial system on 2KXO working together to make your life easier.

2KXO wants to provide you with access to a global marketplace where you can buy and sell freely, it doesn’t want you to be restricted from buying or selling in your own areas, so what if you want that wishbone from the Bahamas or that traditional dress from Tajikistan you shouldn’t be stopped from getting them just because the currencies don’t match. Lucky for you the 2KXO supports over 130 different currencies, that Wishbone is now just a click away from being yours.

Right now, 2KXO is in its beta phase and is working to develop its online marketplace. If you still wish to check out what type of goods 2KXO will offer head on to:

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