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October 20, 2018

The number of Internet users in the world passed the 4 billion mark recently. This means over half of the World’s population are Internet users now. We can safely say that a majority of these users do use some form of social media or social networking platform, even if it is just a popular video streaming website. But wherever we go on the Internet, even if it is looking up something on a search engine, we are presented with ads. Advertisements aren’t a bad thing in itself, but the way websites can go about presenting and adding ads on their websites can become an annoying experience for the users.

Types of Online Ads

Ads are everywhere. Almost every website displays ads to its users. Here are some of the most common forms that are in use today.

Display Ads

Just because it is digital advertising doesn’t mean that you’re looking at a display ad. To define a display ad, it is advertisements that you see on websites in the form of boxes that can be anywhere on the page. The top of the page banner ads, the larger text billboard, and even videos can be counted as display ads. The basic thing that characterizes all display ads is that they all appear only on distinct sections of the site that are reserved specifically for advertisements. Display ads usually stay out of the way and aren’t that annoying or interruptive unless the content itself is unacceptable to a user. Video display ads that autoplay though are thoroughly disliked by a significant number of Internet users.

Pre-Roll Ads

Pre-roll ads are promotional videos that play before the content the user has selected. The video advertisements usually last 10-15 seconds only as the 30-second standard used for television advertisements can be applied to videos which are already only a few minutes long. But we find and have experienced that it isn’t always so today. Especially on one of the most popular sites, users experience pre-roll ads that are just as long as the video. Imagine having to watch a 30-second advertisement for a 35-second video. But it gets worse. Sometimes if you’re very unlucky, you’ll be greeted with a 5-minute ad on a video that is less than the ad duration itself and the ad can’t be skipped either!

Popup Ads

A pop-up advertisement does exactly what the name suggests. It is triggered by an action by the user which can be a mouse click or even the page loading which results in a small window popping open on the page containing the promotional content. Pop up ads are not at all popular with the average web-surfer and this is what makes many users employ means and methods that enable them to stop pop up ads. Even Google Chrome provides you with the option and ability to stop and avoid pop up ads completely.

An Advertisements Free Social Networking Platform

Imagine a social networking platform completely devoid of advertisements. Where users can continue using the platform to their heart’s content and never be bothered with an ad. It is something that many users would leap at when they hear about it. Poor practices in online advertisement have resulted in thoroughly annoying users. Internet users today have a negative perception towards ads that interrupt their online activities or make them less enjoyable in any way. Upon landing on a webpage, users that are greeted with a video advertisement that auto-plays often end up closing the webpage altogether.

2KXO is a social networking platform lets users discover new and upcoming aspiring creatives as well as what they have to offer without ever having to be bombarded with a single ad. It is an advertisement-free zone for all users, meaning that you can enjoy your experience without having to face any display, pop up, or pre-roll ads ever. This is something that will be beneficial to both the creators on the platform, as well as their audiences by providing them with an online experience they can truly enjoy. An ad-free environment is sure to result in creatives gaining more audience for their work which is something they work so hard for.



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