Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection

Automated encryption technology is indeed the best. As the world’s first unlimited streaming service and global marketplace, both privacy and protection for our users are always treated as high-level concerns. 2KXO understand this the most implementing bleeding-edge technologies in the prevention of fraud, phishing scams, account takeovers, and bot spamming. As a result, the platform is constantly being monitored, reviewed, and updated to provide industry-beating privacy protection for the international 2KXO network.

In retaining the trust and confidence of our users, 2KXO provides a transparent environment, devoid of stress and concerns, particularly with respect to the abuse of personal information. 2KXO policy is to let the public know about what information is considered important; how that information is collected and what is done with that information.


During the registration process and when you subsequently use your account, some personal data will be collected including, but not limited to, first and last name, date of birth, email, contact number amongst other data. Your Personal Data is first encrypted then transported to be held on 2KXO’s secured servers.

It is both policy and our genuine value, not to collect personal user information as our user’s signup, browse and communicate on 2KXO without prior acknowledgment; we do not lease, sell, or trade your Personal Data to any third party. 2KXO makes your privacy protection our main priority.

You may also ‘opt-out’ of receiving any promotional communications either by choosing to opt-out where such option is made available on the website or via email.

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    To protect and create a safe platform for our users we offer a variety of secure payment options we also allow our users to leave detailed written reviews on all marketplace transactions they complete. For merchants selling high-value items or fighting against chargeback fraud, we offer cash equivalent payment methods. Our Mutual Marketplace Protection covers both buyers and sellers in case there is an issue with an order, ensuring our users are fully reimbursed no matter who’s at fault.

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    Your security as a 2KXO user is of the utmost importance to us. Online security measures such as passwords and biometrics are used whenever sensitive transactions take place to ensure that no other person can gain access to your financial or personal details without authorization. All transactions done on the 2KXO Network is secured by strict SSL encryption. We work closely with global privacy regulators.


These security measures are taken to ensure that no user of the 2KXO platform is harassed, cheated, scammed or defrauded. Security related enquiries are given a huge importance, and are considered high priority.

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