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Provides all creatives a place to professionally Multitask

organize media, merchandise, products, and services in one

highly magnetizing application. Not only do we offer

users unlimited social streaming and shopping, users can

also set up automated advertisement campaigns quickly and

easily using one single application!


We are a global marketplace not only for buying and selling,

for streaming unlimited videos, music and images. Users can

also, communicate via instant messaging and, send OR

receive money using the first ever stabilized virtual currency,

all in one app.


We are an advertisement free, unlimited streaming service

and international marketplace.

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Target Users & Personas:

The app targets the users within the age range of 14-25 years

  1. Gen Z users mostly people in high school/college, who want to express themselves freely and do more on social.
  2. Digital/online Influencers who want to increase their follower base and remain relevant.
  3. Mid/Large Size Companies who want to boost marketing results, sales and product reach.
  4. Creators (In Music, Photography, handcrafts) who seek a platform to showcase and sell.
  5. Fashion Startup: seeking to grow their brand and sales.

NOTE: Point 1-7 are the app features while point 8 is a benefit derived from using This app while 9 the opportunities available at This app.

2KXO Features:

  1. SEND AND RECEIVE MESSAGES: (Private Messenger, Time your messages to self-destruct , Send and receive, photos, music and video , Send and receive money, Custom suite of emoji’s & graphics)
  1. BUY & SELL ON This app: (Buy and sell in a global marketplace, Use and accept multiple forms of payment (increases seller’s chances of selling), Safe shopping via “Reviews” and social verification, Use crypto currencies like bitcoin and, Buyer and seller guarantees/protection when using an accepted payment processor)
  1. UNLIMITED BLOGGING: (Scribe full length text blogs and articles without any limitations, Neat and simple user interface easy to browse and mine for a good read, Filter symbol allows users to refine what/who exactly they want to see, This app never deletes posts, all blogs stay published forever, Spice up you text post with emoji’s and custom digital stickers).
  1. DIGITAL WALLET & CRYPTO CURRENCY: 2KXO (Digital wallet loaded with Alipay, WeChat pay, Paypal, Bitcoin and, Instantly send and receive money around the world using, Buy and sell using across boarders in over 180 countries worldwide, This app supports over 100 different currencies worldwide, Decentralized banking via with monthly statements and transaction receipts)
  1. UNLIMITED STREAMING: (Stream unlimited video 100% free with no monthly subscriptions, Stream unlimited music 100% free with no monthly subscriptions, Stream unlimited podcasts 100% free with no monthly subscriptions, Find global trends instantly with one click of a button “🔥”, Upload full length videos and music tracks without limitations)
  1. TOTAL PRIVACY: (Total control on what you see on your dashboard via refinement filters, Total control on what others see via comprehensive privacy control settings. (Discretely select who can see your media, shop or blogs.), Lock your screen instantly with one click of a button for those over the shoulder spectators, or any prying eyes trying to see what you are up to, Time your messages, comments and post to self-destructed automatically, Block and report spammers and scammers as soon as you spot them)


  1. SELF ADVERTISING (Promote items or media to the world with just a click of the button with Boost, Most importantly we don’t just promote said items to random people, each impression is from a highly targeted individual who has used a similar item like the promote item in the past, when they are mostly online. This dramatically increases ROI on all boost transactions.” Support simple process, choose how long your campaign and how much is your budget and we do the rest, Pay for advertising using Alipay, WeChat pay, Paypal, Bitcoin and! Receive special discount offers and incentives to promote yourself!)
  1. TRUST: (We do not run secret tests on our user base by manipulating our platform. The users run This app and not the other way around, Fulltime customer phone, chat and email care for tech, security and feedback, This app has ZERO ads, we never compromise user personal information for money by not allowing our users to be targeted or tracked, No facial recognition software used to track users, NO FAKE NEWS and NO SOCIAL DEPRESSION, due to our positive culture)


  1. WORK FOR This app (CAREERS): 2KXO (Become a This app sales associate and make up to 6 figures in less than 24 months, Become a This app content creator and get free hardware and global recognition, Become a This app marketer. (We are looking for talented marketers with successful track records in digital marketing.), Internship: Become a This app intern and be part of the most disruptive tech startup of the century, Become a This app ambassador and help spread the word to the people). Multitask with 2KXO